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Get Connected to Regional and National Local Food Systems Resources!

from North Dakota Local Food Development Alliance

There are so many webinars and resources about local food systems. We can't all attend them all, but if we each attend one or two and share what we learned here, on the Member Updates page, then more of North Dakota's local food community can benefit.

I've been attending the "Local and Regional Food Systems Response to Covid" webinar series. It's a great resource and connects you to other local food systems networks around the nation. Every webinar is recorded and the webinars and written summaries can be viewed on their webpage.

Some resources I gleaned from the most recent webinar include a research study done by Ken Meter, Crossroads Resource Center and Illinois Public Health Institute. "Critical Analysis of Economic Impact Methodologies In Exploring Economic and Health Impacts of Local Food Procurement"


Another interesting project focused on urban agriculture, came from University at Buffalo Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab, "Growing Food Policy from the Ground Up"

I was also pleased to discover the Center for Good Food Purchasing.   

The Center for Good Food Purchasing uses the power of procurement to create a transparent and equitable food system that prioritizes the health and well-being of people, animals, and the environment. We do this through the nationally-networked adoption and implementation of the Good Food Purchasing Program by major institutions.

They've created a report on better institutional food purchasing (including local and organic food) The Good Food Purchasing Program: A Roadmap for the Post-Pandemic Food System We Need

THey also produced a case study on school meals in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation.

True Cost of Food: School Meals Case Study