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Update for Sep 20, 2021

September is Hunger Action Month 📣
The 2018 Hunger in North Dakota study conducted by the Great Plains Food Bank revealed that of the North Dakota respondents surveyed 69% can't afford to eat balanced meals and 93% of partner agencies and food pantries agree it is important to offer healthier food to clients.
We need your help to support efforts to decrease hunger in our communities! That is why FARRMS is partnering with the Great Plains Food Bank and hosting a virtual food drive. We are currently at $330 of our $500 Dollar goal! Every penny counts! 
Virtual Food Drive:
If you are up for some hands-on hunger relief let's talk Gleaning! Gleaning is to gather leftover grain or other produce after a harvest. Farmers are often able to bring excess produce to the local food pantry to be distributed each week (call ahead to confirm they have the capacity for perishable items).
In the United States, it is estimated that 30-40% of the food supply is wasted . Farms, transportation, factories, distribution, stores, and homes all play a part in food waste. We can cut down on some of the waste at the farmer level by donating our excess produce or starting a gleaning program.
Do you make use of all your plants have to offer? Do you know a farmer who would allow you to glean after harvest? The USDA put together a Gleaning Toolkit in 2009 (that has some outdated stats but a lot of great info) on how to get started and feed your family or community!