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Update for Sep 20, 2021

from Ehrens Consulting

Hunger Action Month

 Hunger Action Month is spearheaded by Feeding America, the nation’s network of foodbanks, of which Great Plains Food Bank in North Dakota is a member. GPFB has more information for Hunger Action Month on their website: and calendar with daily suggestions for action: 

The Governor proclaimed September as Hunger Action Month, with a special acknowledgement of the work of many organizations and people across our state who helped get food and/or resources to people during the COVID Pandemic (which unfortunately is continuing on) 

Household Food Security in the United States in 2020
This month the USDA Economic Research Service released its annual data compilation all about food insecurity. The amazing thing is that the national rate of food insecurity, 10.5%, remained unchanged from 2019 (before the COVID-19 pandemic) to 2020 (the initial nearly full year of the pandemic). Food insecurity rates in North Dakota remained steady at around 8 percent.
How could that be, you ask?
Think of waivers and increased amounts of federal food programs, and increased donations of food and funds, and federal COVID assistance programs from unemployment insurance to child tax credits and other safety net payments that helped provide people with resources to purchase food. With that, food insecurity rates remained steady; without the extra aid, it could have been much worse.That said, there are still people in our state and nation without enough to eat. Read the report here:
Farmers Markets
It’s a great month to take in fresh local food at your farmers market. Farmers Markets in Bismarck, Fargo, Rolette, Spirit Lake, Stanley, Wahpeton and Washburn accept SNAP benefits. The list can be found at and shared from: Benefit%20 Markets.pdf
Even better, thanks to NDSU Extension Service and other advocates, there are Farmers Markets where SNAP purchases can be doubled as an incentive to purchase more fruits and vegetables.
SNAP Double Up projects are in place at these markets:


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    Stephanie BlumhagenFARRMSSep 20, 2021 at 3:33 PM

    Thanks for helping spread the word about Hunger Action Month!