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Monitoring at the state level- bills impacting food availability

from Ehrens Consulting

There is a proposed study of nutrition resources for public schools. Of interest to the NDLFDA membership in the current language includes "A review of the potential to use local and state products in school lunch programs and public-private partnerships." Find more information on the bill here. If interested in seeing this pass, reach out now to district representatives in the ND House. 

Monitoring bills and executive actions at the federal level. The large budget appropriations/COVID relief bill known as the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 passed Congress at the end of 2020. In ND so far, this bill has resulted in a 15 percent temporary increase in SNAP food assistance benefits through the end of June, 2021. 

Food insecurity is acknowledged by the Great Plains Food Bank: During 2020, the Great Plains Food Bank provided food for nearly five million meals more than 2019, and served a total of 145,587 individuals, which is more than 43,000 more than one year ago. Each of these increases are records in the long 38-year history of the Great Plains Food Bank.

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