Update for Jan 18, 2022

from Northern Plains RC&D Council

The Northern Plains RC&D Council is in the process of wrapping up our work with the USDA Technical Assistance Grant funding.  We identified four communities in our service area who wish to make a more concentrated effort on developing local foods and will work with them in the future.

The Council also continues work on a local food mobile app, and expects to have a working model available by March 15th.

We have been providing support to the efforts of the Red River Council to develop a business incubator combined with a commercial kitchen in Grafton. This is an exciting regional project and if they can get funded may become a model for other communities in the region.   We have also been providing input to the local foods effort of Strengthen ND.  

The Council is meeting on Wednesday, January 19th to lay out our directions for the next one to two years to support our mission of using natural resouces to promote community development.